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Billionaire Offers $130 Million to a Man Who's Willing to Marry His Daughter! Do You Have What it Takes?

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Chao Sze-Tsung Cecil (Cecil Chao) is a Hong Kong Billionaire who owned the Cheuk Nang Holdings Ltd and claimed to sleep with 10,000 women came public in 2012 and attracts the attention of so many by offering $65 million to any guy that will persuade his lesbian daughter to become straight. After years of waiting Cecil Chao is still persistent and increased the dowry to $130 million in 2014.

This made his lesbian daughter Gigi Chao to write an open letter stating that she is now happy and contented with her life with her partner Sean Eav. She also stated that she is more at ease and comfortable with Sean than any other man she have had a relationship with. Gigi expressed in the open letter that she became a better person with Sean by her side.

After all the fuss it seems that the shipping tycoon Cecil Chao has come into his senses about his daughter's sexuality. He told CNN that "If Gigi has decided that this is what she chooses and what she wants, then it's all over."

Indeed an example of "True love conquers all".


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  1. if i'm with her even as a friend only for a month or even without that million ..i will make her realize how good in this world to become a real woman and to be loved by a real man...




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