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Another Victim of Bullet Planting Inside NAIA! Watch How they Caught the Airport Personnel!

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The issue against bullet planting in NAIA is not ended until now. Recently, the news said that almost 30 passengers in NAIA had been caught because they had bullet in their luggage. 

However this news allegedly said that it was only the Filipino airport personnel who plants bullet on their bags and force them to pay the fine or else they will going to face corresponding charges.

Apparently, there is another complain regarding this matter. According to the news, last September 17, 2015, two screening personnel had been caught in the act doing something on Michael White’s luggage.

After removing White’s stuff on his bag, they said that they found bullet on it.

NAKITA NYO BA LALABZ? ganito daw po ang pagtanim ng BALA sa mga pasehero? ano sa tingin nyo?
Posted by MOCHA GIRLS on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Here’s the full coverage of the news and see it yourself if there is really a dirty inside job on the bullet planting at NAIA.


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