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Americans' Thoughts and Reaction to ALDUB Will Surely Blow Your Minds!

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We really can't deny the fact that social media really plays a big role why ALDUB became phenomenal around the world, especially after they beat the record of the highest tweets.

Buzz Feed is one of the famous bloggers that creates videos which a lot of people can relate about. In the video they are all Americans and due to curiosity the video was made, a very funny thing about them, some of them thought that ALDUB was a name for  "Gasoline" or "Electric" Company.

They were asked to watch the first episode of the start of the trending hashtag, Most of them find it very cute. They also discussed about the "PABEBE" while they're individual doing the "PABEBE WAVE", one of the girls also copy the way Yaya Dub do the dubsmash. Watch their funny reaction about the love team, surely you will enjoy the video. 

Source : C. Abad Via Buzz Feed

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