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A Shocking Short Love Story That Puts Everyone in Tears! This Will Surely Break Your Heart!

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Whenever we say "Love", it doesn't really need to be perfect, there are a lot of things that we have to accept and consider to understand  in life before you could get the happiest part of it.

It doesn't matter how far is your distance from each other, not even how ugly or beautiful you are, nor knowing when it will end. It's a matter of how would you exert more effort and how would you appreciate all things while they're still there, and even in the hardest situation.

These short conversation will surely break your heart, even in such a small period of time it still gave thoughts for us to value people who we really love and not to waste time. The guy in this story was already courting the girl for 2 years. This is really true love. Everyday he always make sure that he is expressing his love for this girl but read what happens next to their love story. It's a very sad ending.


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