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A 19-Month Old Child Nailed the Indoor Climbing Without Fear!

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The video of this child doing the indoor wall climbing is now going viral online. The child on the video is only 19-month old. Unlike the other children, this kid is really extraordinary. He managed to climb the wall without fear and any protective gear such as helmet and knee pad or even a harness.

After uploading these video several days ago, it gathers now a thousand of views and still counting. The netizen feel amazed for this youngster. She finished climbing the wall without any help of others and he didn’t even cried, looks like he was enjoying what he’s doing regardless of the danger that may happen.

How incredible is this 19 month old climbing indoors!
Posted by Kyle and Jackie O on Tuesday, July 28, 2015
By now, this scene may entertain people but don’t forget what is the right thing to do for the safety of your children. Wearing proper protective gear in such obstacle course like this is necessary to avoid an accident.


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