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What This Woman Did to Her Cheating Husband's Car Costs Too Much Pain! Literally!

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Having a car and having a wife are two things most men would like to have, especially if it would be a red convertible. One of the things that you might need to take care of, it's to make sure that your girl is the only one that will be riding your car.

If you mess up like this dude in this video, better if you say goodbye to your ride. A dude takes a video of this girlfriend while she is breaking it with a hammer as she allegedly caught him cheating.

You will see in the whole video that the only thing that this guy did was to say " If you touch my things and me, I will sue yo". Maybe that is the least that you can say, especially if she is holding a hammer and might be use onto you instead of the car.

So if I were you, You better think about it before doing it because you might pay the price and in this case the car was the payment. Watch her sweet revenge.

Source: Jerusalem


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