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Watch Why ToMiho's Love Team Trends Online !

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Kapamilya's Pinoy Big Brother proudly presents their trending love theme ToMiho. Not just ALDUB, JaDine, and KathNiel who could make it to trending topics, Even the tandem of Tommy and Miho is what people has been talking about.

Earlier this week, PBB housemate Tommy sought help to Big Brother about his feelings towards Miho. Big Brother then said that in order for Miho to be his girlfriend, he has to court her in Filipino's traditional way.

Roger stood as Tommy's guardian while Dawn is for Miho, Kuya said that he should ask the guardian of Miho for her permission in order to continue.

Dawn then said that he has to take 100 laps in the swimming pool and he should say something about how he really feels towards Miho for each one of it.

Miho couldn't stop herself from being emotional while Tommy is doing the task. All those words coming from the sincere heart of him really touched her heart.


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