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Watch How This Medical Experts Revived This Newborn Lifeless Child!... This Will Surely Make You Cry!

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Doctors and nurses have a great responsibility when it comes to a matter of life and death. They always try their best to fulfill their responsibility in curing and saving people’s lives.

In this breath-taking situation, delivery nurses tried their best to revive an infant. When the baby comes out, it seems like the baby was dead. Right after the cord cutting, the delivery nurse calmly took the infant and start to try her best reviving the baby.

 A minute later, there still no response, the color still has no changes, but the nurses didn’t give up. There’s a lot of stuff they did for the baby to survive. After two minutes, a miracle has happened. The baby starts to open his eyes and start breathing. Afterwards the color started to change which is a signs that the baby was alive.

لوكان هنا في بلادي كانو دفنوه ..
Posted by ‎حلاقين العراق Barbers Iraq‎ on Friday, October 9, 2015

Thankfully the nurses didn’t lose their hope to bring back the baby’s life.

Credits: Barbers Iraq


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