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Watch How This Girlfriend Unexpectedly Caught By Her Boyfriend Cheating!

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This heartbreaking short film in Thailand was made to share a different story of how relationship goes nowadays.

We all know that many relationships just spoils, some got attracted by the other person, they found their true happiness to the other person. But relationship should only have two individuals. One person should end the older one before to begin to another one, because it definitely hurt the other party.

This story of a high school lovers that built their good relationship was ruin, when the girl started to attract to another guy, as she still continuing her relationship with her real boyfriend.

The Boyfriend witness the whole cheating situation when he was asked to act as statue for a street play. He was covered with a silver body paint and a costume that no one could notice his identity even his girlfriend.

Watch how was the girlfriend reacted when she found out that the moving statue on the street is her boyfriend, after doing a lot of cheating and taking photos in front of him.

Credits: Edward Tiu


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