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Watch How Budol Budol Failed to Get the Phone!

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In our society's situation nowadays, we really can't tell where we gonna meet a real person who do not have bad intention to you or to your valuables, its getting harder for us to put trust in any person that we may encounter. There are a lot of modus now that will surely shake your heads off to confusion before you realize that it was a clear set up. But not to this girl who took the video of lady in front of her.

This video was taken at Robinson Pala Pala by Ms.Caguitla a facebook user. According to her the lady in the video just approached her in a polite way to take a solo picture using her phone, her reason, her family was in Cotabato and they need to see her at least in a picture.

After she helped her with it, the Lady started to talked to her loudly that seems they really know each other. When their conversation was almost finish, Lady accuse Ms.Caguitla steal the phone that they used for her picture (pertaining to Ms.Caguitla's phone). Lady was talking so loud for the people around them think that she was the one who took the phone. Because of strange action of the lady she immediately filmed their conversation. Watch how this weird conversation goes.

When budol-budol fails. hahaPakitandaan pag mumukha ng babaeng 'to. Baka kayo ang sunod na mabiktima.Paki kalat na lang.Beware of this girl (in Robinsons Pala Pala). She will first ask you (in a very polite way) to take a picture of her using your camera, her reason is her family in Cotabato wants to see her at least in pictures. After taking pics, she's gonna ask if she may see the pictures, then she will talk to you like she know you very well, to the point that she's got a problem with you and your family and will accuse you that you stole her phone and will ask you to give it back, or else at least pay her P100 per week. LOL not me ate. Nice try! Kaso napahiya ako sobra kasi sinigawan ako ni ate sa harap ng ibang tao and they looked at me as if I really stole her phone. Hays. Sabi pa niya magtatawag siya ng kasama niya magtago daw ako, katakot your face. -S. caguitla

Posted by Kupal Lord on Monday, October 26, 2015

She really wants to share this video to public, its for the awareness of everybody.

Credits: KupalLord


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  1. Hahahahah baliw budol2 nga hahaha ang utak hahaha 😂😂 king ako suntikin ko na yan hahahah

  2. nasunog sa impierno sa kapal ng balat.


  4. Nyari sakanya? Hahaha muka palang. Alam na this...

  5. kapal ng mukha amfuta!... iba daw cya magalit kasi high blood daw.. cge atakihin ka na sa puso para masunog ka na sa impyernong hayup ka!!.. mahiya ka naman!!! buti wala na si babalu..kundi baka barilin ka sa mukha..




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