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Watch How Alden Richards Reacts on His Bashers' Rude Comments!

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There are lots of hates and insecurities on different social media sites that people throws to one another. But if anyone has to deal with this, it's always the celebrities especially those who have their career pretty much gone over to the top, Just like the tandem of Maine and Alden Richards.

For the haters and bashers out there, have you ever thought on what would your prospect are saying onto their minds after reading your rude comments? Well maybe you will think twice after watching this video.
Haters Gonna Hate Ep. 2
Won't let your hate go unnoticed! :pIn this episode of Haters Gonna Hate, I visited EB to see how they would react to their haters online. Abangan kung sino ang next! hahaShout out to ManilaMan <3
Posted by Isabelle Daza on Monday, September 28, 2015

In this video, Pia Guanio, Ruby Rodriguez, Pauleen Luna and Alden Richards showed their reactions after reading those rude and inconsiderate comments from their bashers and haters.

Alden smiled and laughed at these comments with a bit of a joke. This only shows how they accept imperfection with a very sophisticated manner.

Credits: Isabelle Daza


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