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Watch How Alden and Maine was Separated on their Pictorial But Together in One Picture!

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Maine Mendoza and Alden Richard are in the cover of homegrown fashion magazine Preview, The cover copy of the month's issue was posted on Preview's page on social media. 

These pictures was before last weekend's of phenomenal "Tamang Panahon". But many people are asking how does this picture shoot if they're never met before the event.

Before the big event, Eat Bulaga doesn't allow Maine Mendoza and Alden Richard to see each other even off cam, So the cover shoot of the two was separately arranged and just an edited creation via Photoshop. The cover's process was also suited to their lines saying "Perfect planning and meticulous editing fulfill this fashion fantasy". 

As of now, Reader's Digest Asia, YES! and Preview magazines are those who put them on the cover and the first-ever shoot of the couple together was October 26, 2015 for their upcoming Metro Manila film Festival movie directed by Joey Reyes .

Source : GMA Network


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