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Warning: Food that might be Contaminated with HIV Blood Now Being Sold in Recto and Quiapo!

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An apple a day, keeps the doctors away. But what if the fruit that keeps the doctors away, leads you to a most traumatic food experience?

A concerned citizen tries to warn everyone about an apple that they bought somewhere in Quiapo. The fruit was allegedly said that it was injected with a blood that infected by HIV.

This virus causes AIDS, a medical condition that weakening human’s immune system, making the person much vulnerable to common infections. But let us take a serious talk about this. HIV cannot be transferred by just eating a food contaminated by it because HIV in blood will not survive in a long period of time outside the body.

And there’s only the specific way to spread the virus such as blood transfusion and sexual contact, hypodermic needles can also be an instrument if it is contaminated.

Screenshot from Vienly Jane Cuaresma Noche
Photo Credit: Vienly Jane Cuaresma Noche
However, this warning must not be ignored. Even if it is not possible to get HIV with an infected food, do you still imagine yourself eating food injected with somebody’s blood?

Source: Boy Viral


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