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Viral: Sudden Death of a Monkey and Duck Whose Been Best Friends Since Birth!

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We may know a lot of unlikely animal friendship who are really comfortable with each other just like the touching unusual friendship of this monkey and duck that leads to their tragic end.

Photo Credit: myyouthanimalwelfare
The incident happened when the monkey was playing around and suddenly reached a contact with a live wire that detached on the ground, when it was yelling for help due to so much pain the duck rushed into it and tries to remove off to its body but they just both electrocuted.
Photo Credit: myyouthanimalwelfare
Due to the strong electricity compact, their owner was totally distressed after just seeing them burning into those coiled live wires in their bodies and he has nothing to do but to cry.

Photo Credit: myyouthanimalwelfare
Their deep relationship as best friend since birth was a very touching story and inspires us, and to see how precious they value each other even to sacrifice their lives. This is a power of True Friends.

Source: Viral4Real


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