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Unbelievable: Police Violently Arrested a Girl Student while on Her Class! SHOCKING!

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At different angles of the cameras caught this policeman's way of arresting a teenage girl during her class. This cop slams and manhandles teen girl in southern California.

The video was uploaded by some student present in that class, many gave their own side about how this cop violently got aggressive to this teenage girl. Many students there feel so surprised after seeing this moment live, a lot of them are aware of how the policeman's process of arresting, especially if the suspect of certain crime is reacting violently, but not for this silently sating girl in her class.

He is Deputy Ben Fields, There are a lot of stories how he arrest, accused person but when people saw this video they really gave bad comments about his attitude. Some people said it's not the first time he did it from a student.

Source: Lord Spoda


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