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Trending: Two Timer Girlfriend Caught in Action of Her Boyfriend!

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Relationships are built out of love, faithfulness and loyalty, but to cheat is a thing that will ruin everything, not just the relationship but also your individuality. A woman played the cards differently and was caught red handed doing the latter part of my statement, as she was caught by her boyfriend on cam doing it with another guy. The next scenes will surely make you think twice before cheating with your partner!

This video was taken in a parking lot by the original boyfriend. As the camera rolled, woman was keep on asking the her boyfriend to leave and told him that she will inform her dad about this thing.

The guy angrily replied to her "Go ahead! Call your F**king dad, Please Call you dad, call your mom, I'll pass by you house and tell your mom and dad. You're so stupid B**ch for sleeping in my house, B**ch!.

He has nothing to say to the new guy but to shouted that he paid for the pimping her car.

Boyfriend continuously ranted and asked "Who are you calling, your DAD? I ain't scared of your dad at all.I know your family,too! Get ready to be famous, B**ch!

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