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The Fast-Rising Love Team of ALDUB, Threatened by Sam Pinto!

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We can’t deny the truth that it is really hard to beat the new phenomenal love team, AlDub nowadays. In a short period of time, they gathered an extra-ordinary history in world of twitter and especially in Philippine Television.

However, there are rumors that the famous couple is now threatened by Ms. Sam Pinto. She’s now gradually putting herself as a third party between them.

Remember that Sam Pinto and Alden Richards used to perform in Party Pilipinas before as a partner in several times which leads them in a controversy like this. Yet, Sam Pinto insisted that she will never be a threat in AlDub and there’s nothing special between her and Alden.
For the AlDubnation, it is good news that their beloved couple is still going stronger despite all the controversies that they are facing.

Credits: Nate Gonzaga


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