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TELSTRA Company Threatened Other Internet Service Provider!

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We've been having different problems from our Internet Service Providers. Reports from their customers bloated even in social media after experiencing problems that affects work and businesses online.

Philippines currently ranked at 103 on the list of countries according to average internet speed connection. But I sure hope that after this new company which now going viral in social media, it could go better.

Recently, PLDT and GLOBE suddenly released their new promos that is much cheaper than their previous deals to teir valued customers, Is it because of the new rising company here in our country?

But the arrival of Telstra has pumped up local netizens, as they rejoice in the rumored 100mbps internet speed for just about PHP2,000 a month. While the company is set to take away some of the consumers from local telecom networks, president of Globe Ernest L. Cu isn't fazed with the growing hype from Telstra and remains confident in their approach and service to their consumers.

Source: Manila Feed


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