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Spine Chilling Footage of a Suicidal Ghost Caught on Cam!

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Going out of town trip is one way of enjoying yourself with beautiful and relaxing view of our nature. This is where the Okinawa Japan was famous. A coral island of southwest Japan. Also a popular destination for traveler looking for a relaxing view after an adventurous walk.

The story was about a group of people who took a visit there. While taping a video of the view, they captured a horrible scene, a ghastly image of a man committing suicide by jumping off the cliff. But how sure they are that it was a suicidal ghost?

There’s a rumor that it may be a real ghost, because of some story that lies on it. During World War II there’s a battle between Japan and United States that held at Okinawa.

This is where the popular cliffs turn into suicide cliffs, because of Okinawan civilians that jumped off the cliffs after loses their hopes in surviving the war.

This video didn’t say that the cliffs in Okinawa are haunted, they just share their experience there and didn’t expect a kind of result like this.

You can share us your thoughts about this creepy story!

Credits: Damieninjpn


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