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See how this Group of Friends Rescued One of their Mates from a Difficult Situation!

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A very touching story, a group of friends who proved that the life became easier if they stick together. It starts when Jan Ray Parayno, a 21-year old graduating Electrical Engineering student from Marikina Polytechnic College had a problem financially.

He is a dedicated student from a broken family who wants to finish his study, but apparently, the unexpected thing has happened, his father who supported him met an accident while working on abroad. The supports he received from his father suddenly stop.

Shoutouts sa mga tropa kong nag patak-patak para magkaroon ako ng pang-enroll , para makabuo ako ng P1,665 pang paunang...
Posted by Jan Ray Parayno on Thursday, October 22, 2015

A very hard situation for him because his final semester is coming. He wasn’t able to pay his tuition. However, his friends don’t want him to stop, so they tried their best to help him. One of his friend,
Aldrin Hernandez suggested to their other friend to contribute money for his tuition fee. His friends didn’t hesitate to give some help for him until they gathered enough money for him.

Screenshot from Jan Ray Parayno Facebook Account

This kind of situation is an example that real friends never leave you in difficult time. Read the whole story.

Source: Manila Feed


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