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MTRCB Received Complains on the Alleged 'Pambubugaw' to Pastillas Girl of It's Showtime!

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Pastillas Girl has been one of the most controversial TV personalities in showbiz industry. Everything started with just a simple video that everyone was entertained which have gone viral in social media.

But the glory of her fame caught a lot of attention from the netizens which causes fan war on different social media sites. Now, because of the accusations of some people who are saying that Pastillas Girl became the prostitute of the noontime show, a party list complained to the MTRCB.

The Gabriela Women's Party asked the MTRCB to investigate ABS-CBN's noontime show, "It's Showtime" particularly the segment where they are in search for Mr. Pastillas.
Image from Inquirer
Gabriela Secretary General Joan May Salvador claims that they've been receiving a lot of complains to the alleged pambubugaw of It's Showtime to Pastillas girl.

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Source: Inquirer


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