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Most Unfashionable Way to be Rejected By the One You've Loved! OUCH!

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Every girl is dreaming to have a very unforgettable marriage proposal from the one they really love. Most of the them expect for more romantic and a fairy tale story one, that is why the pressure is on to all guys in line with this moment, we all heard or maybe witness plenty of men who has different ways of proposing just to get the sweetest YES from their girl but definitely not all succeed.

In a Busy street of Xi'an, China a 24-year old Chinese guy thought that his 23-year old Chinese girlfriend's favorite fruit lychees can help him get a YES from her, He spent 2,000 yuan for all the lychees and carefully form it with his love message on the floor.

When his girlfriend arrived, he immediately held her hands, knelt down and said: "My Dearest, I don't have a house,a car or lot of money, but i have my true love for you, I can use it to provide you with happiness. Will you marry me?".

But his girl just eat one fruit but still find it unimpressive by saying "NO, your are so naive!" then run away.

Dong still have his positive site as he says "My heart is bitter but I will get her back.We are meant to be together."

When he asked the girl's reason, it simply because they are too young to enter a marriage life.

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  1. Wag ksing assuming. . ikaw na mismo ng sabi na wala klang bahay at pera. . tapos kakasal kasal sa isip mo?? mag trabaho ka muna boy. . mag ipon ka. .bumili ng bahay at ipakita mo sa gf mo na settled na lahat may ikabubuhay kana at OO nlang nya ang kulang. . .

    1. tama.. :) aanhin ang pagmamahal kung gugutumin din.. hahaha.. ang bata bata pa eh.. haha.. trabaho muna.. (y)

    2. agree pero maskit nga lang yun, pero siya na kasi mismo ang gumawa ng ikapapahiya niya eh. napakabata niyang mag isip tungkol sa pag ibig. i'm sorry to say this but napaka immature niya mag isip ayaw ko siyang husgahan pero ipinapakita lang niya na hindi pa siya handa. pano ka lulusong sa digmaang walang bala. Edi patay ka di ba ..

  2. Well too early for that 😂😂 see the girl say's your so naive 😂😂😂 buh ... magpayaman ka muna chinese boy 😂😂




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