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Mistress Collapsed During The Fight with Legal Wife!

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A mistress collapsed while being beaten by the legal wife of her secret partner in front of the crowd in the middle of a market in Bulacan, Watch and See this footage.

In this short video, the legal wife endlessly slapped while pulling the hair of the mistress.

According to the news report, the husband's other woman was in pain and seemed to be helpless even though the bystanders took the initiative to stop the fight and tried to separate them but no luck.

It came down to a scene where the mistress got dizzy and fell down unconscious. Details of this event such as the information of both parties are yet to be gathered.

This video was rapidly spread on different social media sites causing the start of debates regarding infidelities and extra-marital affairs.


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  2. Imbes na maawa, mas nanggigil pa ako pati! Wag kasi pumatol sa asawa ng may asawa!!! Tsk tsk!




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