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Man Abducted These Girls at the Club... You Will Surely Learn a Lot After Watching This!

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Going to a party and drinking is a way of releasing stress after a long and tiring day. But do you remember what does the commercial of alcohol beverages always says? Drink moderately.

This story is an eye opener especially for those women that drink too much and easily get hooked by a stranger just because he has a nice car. This guy did his experiment by targeting drunk women and asking them if they will come with him to an after party.

After he convinced the girls to go with him, he just brought them to a quiet place seeing that there’s no party. He ask them why they came with him given that he is a total stranger to them. He explained that they shouldn’t trust him because he may be a rapist or murderer. The girls were surprised and laughed at themselves knowing that they’ve been fooled.

However, there is one out of six women that refused to go with him. Surely those drunk women learned their lesson after encountering the guy.

Credits: JoeySalads


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