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Maine Mendoza's Cute Ex-Boyfriend Ransacked By Netizens in Social Media!

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Almost all of us has their own past experiences towards relationship, especially when we're in a stage of being curious to almost everything. We could not deny how our friends tries to get all these back by teasing us to our EX's.

Recently, an alleged photo of Maine Mendoza's ex-boyfriend gone viral on Facebook which no one had ever known if it really is true or just an accusations. But not long after this issue, another photo lurks around the internet about a guy who was ransacked by the netizens.

Maine was only 15 years-old that time when she had her boyfriend named Miggy.

They were both high school that time and according to some rumors, these two look cute together because they are both good looking. But the couple broke up for of course a private reason which only the two only knew about it.
Source: Boy Viral


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  1. Mas guapo pa si alden.. Malinis tingnan c Alden... =)

  2. SO? WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? past na nga eh...problema nyo?

  3. Problema mo din? bakit ka agad galit? #kababawan

  4. nqek... Malinis dw C aLden hahah Malamang bq8 my artista bang dugyot..... J'S

  5. Easy Ang mga puso :P mag kakaibigan tayo dito :)

  6. hahahaha mas gwapo naman ako




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