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Julia Buencamino's Mother Finally Speaks Out the Truth for Her Daughter's Death!

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 The world were shocked because of the death of Teen Actress Julia Buencamino after she was found lifeless in their residence last July 7, 2015. It's been 3 months and her death still remains a mystery, until today.

Controversies came out as people kept on solving the puzzle that was left by Julia herself before she died. The mother of Julia, Shamaine Buencamino finally Speaks out and break her silence about the tragic incident that happened to her daughter.
Screenshot from Julia Buencamino's Mother
She admits that their family are now undergoing a 'psychological autopsy'. Which made them realized that Julia Buencamino has high IQ and E, this gave her the courage to fight for what she's been feeling and hide it for herself, this was called the "Invisible War".

She politely asked the teenagers in today's generation to open up a little more to their parents because they can not read your minds.

Source: GMA Network


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