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Hollywood Actor Vin Diesel on his Pabebe Wave!

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We can't really under estimate the power of Aldub Love team. Even other countries amazed to these lover. There are a lot of personalities who struck with the love story of this two.  Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza was originate the "pabebe wave" in their segment "KALYESERYE".

In an interview with Hollywood Actor Vin Diesel which was aired on GMA-7's CelibriTV" on saturday by Ricky Lo, and taught about pabebe wave:

Lo told Diesel: "In the Philippines, There's a new way of saying 'I Love You' without articulating it"

Then in front of the camera Vin did the pabebe wave. Watch his cute way of doing the pabebe wave.
Vin Diesel does Pabebe Wave
Ayos Vin Diesel :D#jm88
Posted by Tee Radio on Saturday, October 17, 2015

Credits: Tee Radio


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