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Heavy Disease Came From Sun Infected Children After Playing Outdoors!

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Getting tanned or just enjoying the heat of the sun. Especially kids that do not care whatever time it is, as long as they are playing with their friends.

One of the last thing that we are worried about is when our children are playing outside under a high degree of hotness that will tend them to have SUNBURNS.

Sunburns that might cause them so much pain and could give the heavy skin disease in their young skin.
The little brothers in the video will serve as a warning when playing under the sun without any protection or sun screen to use. Two sons of an Ohio resident were a victim of too much sunburn, at 180 degrees Celsius really burnt their skin.

It so happened that when they are on school teachers allowed them to play on a little shower play ground without putting any protection for their skin. On that day when their mother pitched them in the afternoon she noticed a burnt skin from the two boys. The teacher even made a joke out of it even though the boys are experiencing so much pain.

The mother of the two kids brought them to many hospitals for the checking of the burnt skin. In the video you will see the result of what condition they are suffering from sunburn. Please watch this video and be informed how a simple stay in the playground can hurt your children.

Source: TomoNews US


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