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Gorilla Gives a Payback to the One Who Took Care of Him for 5 Years!

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We've heard lots of news and seen lots of videos about animal cruelty, people have done it for purposes other than self-defense or survival. But lets take a look on the positive side of the news.

Damian Aspinall,an English conservationist was able to transfer captive gorillas back to the wild with the help of the whole Aspinall Foundation.

This man took care of a Gorilla which he named 'Kwibi' for 5 years and give it back to the wild to let him live his normal life. Years have gone by, Damian decided to look for Kwibi in the Jungle.

After a long search, he almost lose his hope on finding his friend, but a few moments then someone appeared which pretty much familiar to him. Kwibi showed up and bond with Damian just like what they do before.

Everything was documented by Damian which inspires all of his viewers.

Credits: AquaVitaFilms


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