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Farmer Awfully Died Because of Tick Bite! Find Out Where it Came From!

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Pest is the number one enemy of every farmer. But this story is not about pest destroying plants. This story will surely get your attention. An interesting case of a farmer died because of a tick bite.

The reporter says the cause of death is now a cause for concern. A farmer from Bourbon County (Kansas) mysteriously died because of it. This man was previously healthy before got bitten by the tick, and after several days he died because of an organ failure. Researchers investigated the man’s blood and found out that it was infected by the unknown virus.

A newly discovered disease that cause by a tick bite was named after the city where it came from, the Bourbon Virus. The virus was fast-moving and severe causing organ failure. As of now there is no specific treatment or medication is available for this disease.

As time goes on, surely there will be more diseases that will be discovered. The best thing to do is avoid things that you know will lead you to danger.

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