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EPIC Lip Sync Fails from Famous Hollywood Singers!

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Each of has our own Hollywood stars favorite, it could be....we love how they acts personally or on screen, maybe because of their dance moves but most of the time the angelic and stunning voice that they have that truly captured our heart. But, what if you saw them cheating with their voice while performing on a live show.

This video was composed of some famous Hollywood singers on their live show but with their biggest Epic lip Sync performance. This will definitely make you laugh, watch how they handle this situation.

Selena Gomez caught on a lips sync in one of her concert. She  seriously got maid with this moment, it got more worst feeling for her when after the lights are off the stage she shouted "What the F***!!" not knowing that she still on mic. The crowd gave their own feedback about this awkward moment of her.

Credits: HollywireTV


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