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Elizabeth Ramsey's Last Words on Her Final Performance Before She Dies!

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Everyone was shocked after hearing the news that Elizabeth Ramsey died October 8, 2015 in her sleep from a hyperglycemic attack at the age of 83, No one could ever deny that she really is a big part on the history of showbiz.

But another controversy now rounds in different social media sites on how the late legendary performer predicted her death.

It was during the first season of 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' last May 10. At the end of her performance after Billy Crawford handed out a bouquet of flowers and greeted her for the mother's day. She said right through her mouth ,"Bakit mamamatay na ba ako?"

But for me, if it really is your time, then you're going to have it even if you think that you are not ready.

Rest in peace Mrs. Elizabeth Ramsey, thank you for making us laugh whether it is good and bad times.

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