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Creepy Things Happened While this Man is on His Duty!

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Do you believe in ghosts or in any paranormal activity that suddenly happened in your surroundings? As the Halloween season gets even closer, this kind of story normally happens everywhere.  However, some stories are unbelievable and not so scary for other people. That’s why, some says ‘to see is to believe’.

A scary video of this watchman is now going viral online which something unusual thing happened while he was on his duty. The footage caught the Monobloc chair in front of him suddenly moves on its own, but the man didn’t noticed it.

Moments after, things gets creepier as the chair moves even closer to him in just a blink of an eye. He then acted a little nervous showing how scary the event was. After a few seconds, he runs out of the room leaving everything on its own.

Some says that this was only a prank made for this coming Halloween, but others believed that this could’ve done by spiritual entities.

Credits: GMA News


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