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Crazy Woman Proclaimed Herself as our President, See How She Start to Make a Scene at the COMELEC!

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Recently, 2016 presidential election begin to trend again like it used to every election. Some personality already announced their candidacy for this position, but to make it official, first, they need to file their COC (Certificate of Candidacy).

The COC filings peacefully start last October 12, 2015, but a couple of days ago after the COC filing starts, this woman caught the attention of the people gathered in front of COMELEC hall. She was mad rushing herself to tell the chairman to stop the election until she’s elected as the president.

Afterwards, she proclaimed herself as the real president and starts to make a scene.  Showing this kind of behavior alarms the security that surrounds there. Policemen calmly convince her to leave the place but she refused which leads them to force her.

Looks like the girl in this video is a decent person and didn’t think that she will make a scene like this.


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  1. Nasaniban ng masamang ispiritu yan.

  2. Nilagay moh lng sa kahihiyan yung sarili moh teh, sa harap pa ng maraming tao. tsk.

  3. uhhm may sakit lang po sa utak
    oa po kayo makapag react :'(

  4. i think someone paid her to do that.. haha




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