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Burial Postponed Because of ALDUB Tamang Panahon! The Reason Why Really is Unbelievable!

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The most awaited show of all the Aldubnation was successfully met. On October 24 2015, the Philippine television history was successfully achieved by Eat Bulaga's "Tamang Panahon" concert.

But there are unbelievable things happened while this event is on it's process. This report made lots of controversies and even gave netizens a reason to argue in social media.

Host/Comedian Joey De Leon stated on his official twitter account about a very unusual story that shocks everyone. A mourning family thought that no one will attend the burial of their loved one this Saturday because of the biggest event this year in recent memory!

They moved the burial this Sunday so that everyone could attend the Tamang Panahon event, so they could attend the burial without schedule conflict.

ALDUB Tamang Panahon event gathered millions of people and proves that we Filipinos are one as we dominate Twitter with the Hashtag #ALDubEbTamangPanahon that beats their own record with 39M tweets which baffled everyone because of it.

Source: Manila Feed

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  1. pasikat lang yang si Joey... wala naman talagang ililibing literally eh... "punchline" po yan... patama sa mga yo,..lmao




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