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Bride Pranks Her Boyfriend on Their Prenup Shoot... But What Happens Next Really is Unexpected!

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The fun way to play funny joke and fool them everyone for a good laugh is to prank them. We may have seen lots of pranks which made us laugh, but there are people who have gone so far upon executing this kind of action, you'll never know what would be the reaction of your prey.

Just like what happened to this Bride-to-be after giving her Boyfriend a memorable prank, not just for him but for herself.

A 26-year-old bride in China named Qing Kao showed up looking like an old lady on the day of their photo shoot for their wedding. She wanted to see her boyfriend's reaction while having this kind of make up onto her face.

But the groom asked her to remove all the makeup but she claim that she'll be doing the photo shoot looking 50 years older. Her boyfriend lost his patience and left her in the streets of China.

She may won the game but she lost the heart of her boyfriend. Sad but this should serve as a lesson to everyone that jokes and pranks has its own timing.

Credits: Toni Schwartz


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