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Bimby Couldn't Stop Crying While in His Yaya Gerbel's Wedding Ceremony!

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Another Yaya is going viral on the internet, this is no Yaya on screen like any other that we see on national TV, it's The Personal Maid of the Queen of All Media's son Bimby!

Yaya Gerbel is the one who took care of Bimby while his mother was working. Despite that he's not blood-related to Yaya Gerbel, we could all see that they were both connected through their souls.

While Gerbel is on her wedding ceremony, Bimby couldn't stop himself from crying as he sees his Yaya walking down the aisle.

Kris claims that she's very proud of her sons because they were able to make their yaya happy on her wedding day.

According to the report, Bimby was the one who pay for his Yaya Gerbel's wedding reception.

Credits: ABS-CBN News


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