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Basketball Player Did Dirty Tricks, But Not in Basketball Court!

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A viral video of a drunken man is now spreading to social media sites. After a few days, the man on the video was identified. He’s name is John Apacible, a basketball player from Ateneo De Manila Blue Eagles.

This man is now facing a big trouble after his involvement in an incident like this. He was caught by a man, Yan Bote, (not his real name) harassing the truck driver along Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Bote says that Apacible was very drunk that night. And while arguing with him, Apacible claimed himself as a councilor and looking for a fight with him. The policemen who responded on the scene did nothing to Apacible instead they just let him go.

However, after airing this video on T.V. news, it became clear that Apacible will still going to face the appropriate charges. On the other hand, Ateneo De Manila University’s Administration apologizes in behalf of Apacible which also admit the unacceptable behavior he did. The Team

Manager of Ateneo Blue Eagle Basketball Team also says that they will not going tolerate Apacible, he will face the game suspension and he will not be allowed to practice with team.
In the Philippines, if you have a protocol plate, you're allowed to drive drunk and do this for all to see.From Yan Bote: "Along Timog Avenue in Quezon City. Plate number ACA-7111. Lasing na lasing yung driver tapos nanggulpi ng driver ng delivery van at nanghampas ng dumadaang kotse tapos nanggigitgit ng mga sasakyan. Di man lang hinuli ng mga pulis. Hinayaan pa magdrive kahit lasing at may mga nagrereklamo."
Posted by TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES on Sunday, October 18, 2015

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