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Another Tragic Escalator Accident Killed 1 Kid in China!

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Recently, there had been lots of escalator accidents which occurred in China. We've seen a man got his leg decapitated after getting stuck in an escalator and witnessed the loving mom who died saving her son.

Another tragic incident occurred at the same country which everyone is now talking about after a 4-year-old kid died in another escalator accident.

Pictures from a metro station in Chongqing have surfaced on the web showing yet another tragic victim in China's never-ending horrifying escalator. The mother of the awful child can be seen crying near him.

Image Credits: Shanghaiist
Details according to Shanghaiist were released that the station personnel reportedly responded immediately to the incident. Escalator service was suspended as workers tried to save the body.

This kept the mall-goers in high alert as the escalator epidemic accidents continuously claiming innocent lives.

Source: Shanghaiist


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