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An Awful Video of a Man Became Comical After Releasing What He Really Feels!

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Video scandal or video that shows talent of a person recently stakes in different social media site. However, some funny videos still hooked the courtesy of some netizens.

Recently, a video message of this guy spread in a social media site which gained a thousand of view. The video used to call as the “video letter to ex”.

A man suffering from an awful break-up finally speaks about what he really feels inside.  He allegedly said that his ex cheated on him and making him as an ATM man.

Video Letter to Ex
Isang netizen, may panawagan sa kanyang ex...
Posted by LionhearTV on Monday, October 19, 2015

Still the miserable video of the man became comical in other aspects. Watch the video and free to comment what you can say about it.

Source: LionhearTV


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