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Affected Netizens Claimed that ALDUB is Under the Influence of Illuminati!

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We couldn't deny how Eat Bulaga's sweetest tandem ALDUB became a phenomenal love team as people continuously gets even more hooked up to them.

But affected Netizens which known as Bashers and Haters today explained in rage how ALDUB is under the influence of Illuminati.

Because of the rapid success of Aldub, they continue to dominate television ratings and break records, with Million tweets in almost everyday after their very first date, many fans were left wondering how they quickly ascended to superstardom in just a short amount of time.

Amidst all the sudden rise of popularity and fame, many have started to wonder if the rapid success of AlDub is attributed to them being a part of the Illuminati. Of course, many weren't sure to exactly conclude this, but some netizens weren't too quick to disclose the possibility either.

Well It seems that every trending topic today is subject to the conclusion that it is involved in Illuminati, which is something most of us find rather amusing than believing.

Credits: Aksyon Now


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