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Yael Yuzon's Reaction After Vice Ganda's Unexpected Kiss to Karylle

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No one could deny how the world was surprised and baffled with Vice Ganda's unexpected kiss that he shared to Karylle after the host-comedian's performance on Saturday at It's Showtime's Anniversary celebration in Araneta Coliseum.

Because of this, it made a lot of controversies to the people in social media. Some are in rage after witnessing what Vice did to Karylle which others claimed that Yael Yuzon, the husband of Karylle wouldn't be so happy after the incident.

But what Yael would say about this issue? What's on his mind now after seeing these two touching each other lips to lips? Well, Here it is!

"It's a small fraction of a big picture. I focus on the great things about life. Hence, joy & optimism. You're the angry one," Yael replied to one of the netizens.

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