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What This Girl Did After Her Boyfriend Broke Up With Her Really is Unbelievable!

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We often say to our boyfriend/girlfriend that we would die for them which is just a figure of speech. But because of the unexpected things that could trigger depression, this metaphor could really be dangerous.

Just like what this girl did after her boyfriend broke up with her, watch what she did and find out this how this story became unbelievable.

In the city of Harbin in China, this 20-year-old woman tried to end her life by jumping off her apartment's windows after her boyfriend broke up with her. People who have witnessed the scene claimed that maybe it's because of too much pain which causes her to think critically, and hopelessly jumped off the building.

Luckily, her boyfriend's reflexes was very fast that he knew what he's going to do. He caught her hand and prevent her from falling.
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What would you do if your partner have decided to break up with you? will you be doing the same thing for the sake of love?

Source: Crackerdaily


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