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What the Experts Have Said About the Ghost Village on Clash of Clans!

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Recently, a village made a lot of controversies after the story behind it became viral online.

The said account will force to close your COC application if you tried to visit it, but still there are chances that you will have the opportunity on viewing this controversial account just like what others did. The village still has it's builders working and upgrading defenses. Another creepy activity on this account is that the buildings are stacked to one another.

Here's what the experts said about the video.

Controversial Video of the Ghost Village in Clash of Clans
Controversial Video of the Ghost Village in Clash of ClansCredits to : Jonel Sadiwa
Posted by The Confidential Files on Saturday, September 5, 2015

"In computers, a bug is a bug. It cannot be affected by any natural or supernatural circumstances or occurrence. Because its man made, artificial intelligence. Kaya please stop tricking your mind, some part of the apps occupies certain part of the memory in the server and some tendencies that it will be destroyed or use its previous values that may result to glitches and in the physical values you see those structures overlapping with each other." Kit Soriano says on one of his comments.
According to some reliable source, it was just a glitch that prevents other Clashers to visit the village Angarkey, the clan leader of Dedam77Beradik. the glitch also affects the builders and the upgrades on the laboratory and even the issue of the buildings which is stacked to one another.

But still, no one had ever found the truth behind the story of the dead owner's village in clash of clans.

What are your thoughts about this story? Share it with us!


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  1. Problema kasi satin mga Pilipino madali agad tayong maniwala kahit wala pang valid explanation eh. -_-

  2. ghost village daw sus,,bobo naman nang taong maniniwala jan..pilipinas lang lumabas ang kwentong ganyan,,hirap kase sa pinas dali gumawa ng kwentong walang katotohanan,tapos yung mga bobo maniniwaa at ikakalat ang kwento hindi muna alamin...tsk pati ba yan kylngan pa paabutin sa media naku naman

  3. Bobo agad enebeyen hahahhaha

  4. Bug lang yan! Ganyan din sa COC ko eh!..Yung mortar nasa puno yung archer tower nasa bush..hayy nako mga pilipino ngayon -_-

  5. Pareho lang yan sa ibang tao na basta nalang magpost ng nakakaawang pic sa fb na wala man lang description.. tapos nakalagay pls type amen.. tapos bahaha ang mga uto-utong mag comments ng amen..

  6. yan ang epekto ng COC sa utak ng isang tao kahit patay na nagagawa pa mag COC ADEEEEEE WOW bheeeeeeeeeeee happy bday i love you COC pa more ,,,, ! :P

  7. ka mga puta mga kabakakan tssss post gane mo kanang tinood pudt tssss walanghiya




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