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Watch: Kathryn Bernardo Decided to Read All Rude Comments About Her... Her Reaction?

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Kathryn Bernardo has been the most and still one of the best actress in her generation. Her great acting skills together with her gorgeous beauty really is indisputable. No one couldn't agree more that she really has a nice heart.

But still, there are people who are only doing is to hate and bash her, especially on the internet, so she decided to read all the mean and rude comments of the netizens regarding to her appearance and attitude.

This YouTube video from Preview Mag trends online, especially on Facebook on how Kathryn read all about rude stuffs that other people says about her, watch and listen to her answer to all these.

The video is entitled 'Kathryn Bernardo Reads Mean Comments'. Yes, as an artist, Kathryn Bernardo decided to read mean comments from her bashers.

But despite all these, Ms.Bernardo remain calm and still smiled at her bashers.

Credits: Preview Mag


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