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Video: Robber Screams Out for Help After Victimizing an MMA Fighter for Stealing Her Gadgets!

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A lot of news are coming out about crimes especially robbery, some ended up into a murder because the victim don't want to give their things to a complete stranger. But still there are some robbers who are very unfortunate on picking their victim.

Watch how a thief struggles and screams out for help after unfortunately choosing an MMA fighter for stealing their gadgets.

The MMA fighter Monique Bastos was on her way to a jujitsu practice along with  her two other friends when suddenly a motorcycle stopped and tried to take their phones.

When she realized that the robbers were not armed, she lifted the rear wheel of the motorbike and lets the robbers fell on the ground. She said that the one who took her phone was able to run, but she caught the other one, so here's what she did to him.

This robber kept on tapping to make her stop, but this isn't a fight that we see on national television. She'll only stop when the cops have arrived!

Source: Go Tropa


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