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Trending: This Story About 'The Difference Between Love and Need' Will Surely Touch Your Heart!

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Have you ever loved someone with all your heart? have you done unexpected things for her just to prove that she really is worth the sacrifices you've made? What if she only wants to be with you because of her needs and not actually love?

This is the story of a guy named Roland who fell deeply in love with Mary. They both decided to keep their relationship as a secret on their first year because of the relatives of the girl. But her relatives contradicted her after finding out their affair.

Because of it, Roland decided to support Mary's studies. He became a working student to pay for Mary's tuition fee and to allow her to attend her classes.

After Mary's graduation, Roland was baffled after she decided to work abroad. He found out that Mary already found someone new. After all of his sacrifices that he have done for her, she still chose to cheat on him.

Roland was very broken that he couldn't accept the fact that Mary's gone and she had already found another man. He was so lonely, until he met Erika.

Erika made him feel what love really means. Roland is very much happy to be with her, but then Mary came home and wanted to bring back everything that they've had.

He found out that Mary got pregnant and Roland refused to be with her again. He's now living a meaningful life with Erika.

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