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Trending: Pastillas Girl is an Avid Fan of Maine Yaya Dub Mendoza!

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Recently, Maine Yaya Dub Mendoza made a controversy regarding on her tweets showing eagerness and excitement towards different episodes on episodes of their rival entertainment noontime show I'ts Showtime.

Now, Another controversy came out but this one is for Pastillas Girl, the known rival of the phenomenal love team of Aldub.

Her posts on her official twitter account showing her concern towards Yaya dub made rounds on the internet today.

Image from LionHearTV
Her fans are a bit shock after reading these posts, but eventually understand that anyone could be your idol even if they are your rival.
Image from LionHearTV
Well, this only proves that the friendly competition is real and they don't take everything personally.

Source: LionHearTV


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