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This Mysterious Hand Sign is Taking Over the Internet... What's the Real Story Behind it?

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A mysterious hand sign is taking over the internet after these famous icons on social media posted a selfie while doing this weird signal.

The first thing that comes to people's mind is that it is another scheme on making something or someone famous online. Some find it funny and made their own statements regarding to this controversy.

No one had ever found the reason why they've been posting this selfies on their official accounts but it is really clear that their target market are those who uses social media most of the times, youngsters and techies.

Maybe we'll find more information about this weird hand signal and could figure out why it's being done by these famous idols on social media. Just like what Lola Nidora said, "Sa tamang panahon."

Source: Top Trends


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    I guess this is it..

  2. Kilala ko po talaga ang totoong lider niyan.

  3. "two in the pink, one in the stink"....2 fingers in the VAG and 1 finger in the A$$ ang ibig sabihin nun. Dami kasing Pinoy gumagawa ng ganyan kahit hindi nila alam ibig sabihin. Isa pa yun "hang loose" na hand gesture. Kung totoong surfer ka pwede mo gawin yun kung hindi mukha ka lang tanga.




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