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The Story of this Man Missing for 2 Years and Found Lifeless will Surely Touch your Heart!

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A man named Andrey Gorbov was missing without a trace in the early 2000s, Gorbov left his home without telling anyone and disappeared.

Image from Asian Town
After over two years, Gorbov's wife decided it was at least time to sell the garage where Gorbov kept his car. However, nothing could have prepared her for what she found in there.

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Instead of being kidnapped, Gorbov had actually committed suicide in the back of his car, which remained undisturbed for the whole time he was missing. His body was badly decomposed when his wife found him.

Image from Asian Town
A  heartbreaking suicide notes was found by the police alongside of the body of Gorbov.

Image from Asian Town
1) Incineration
2) Do not take remains if you want
3) I don't need funeral feast. I insist.
4) Don't tell my mother.
5) Forget me."

"For Police Department.I am Gorbov Andrey in adequate condition turning on the engine of my car. There is no reason to blame somebody. This is suicide."

Image from Asian Town
This man clearly suffered from depression, but no one could ever imagine what the family have been through after this discovery. They will surely take this onto their hearts for the rest of their lives.

He did get his wish, though; he was forgotten for those two and a half years, at least.

Source: Asian Town


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  1. Her husband missing and his wife didn't even bother to look in his car????? Imagine... he's just there! May his soul rest in peace. ..

  2. How come they dont even check the car for that a long time ? How come they dont even smell it , suppose to be body will get stink when somone's dead . Its impossible .

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